I am looking into the change in behaviour of people who are being observed, I wanted to be able to see the change in peoples behaviours when they know they’re being watched to when they are not. I will devise a set of different rooms and spaces that will help show and test the change in behaviours and attitudes of any visitors and how these changes in behaviour can change our levels of vanity, just like social media is doing.​

The rooms that I have in my design are a museum dedicated to myself, essentially a formal social media, observing someone else's profile. I also have a mirror room, CCTV room and two watch tanks, these show different ways in which you observe and that we are observed. Finally I have my three-way display cinema, this includes three different viewing experiences of the audience and film; the film being a documentary about myself where I test my own limits and behaviour from observation, and I discuss how being observed has had an impact on me. 2020