With over half of London’s Queer spaces shutting down within the last decade, Pulse night club shooting and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, I wanted to dedicate a Queer space to the people and spaces that have helped shape the society of today and the reason we are where we are today, thus I decided to design a typical Gay Club but not so typically.

The Club takes a lean towards Queer Culture and prioritises Queer performers, as well as, allowing them the opportunity and platform to showcase their art.A secondary focus, after this platform for artists, is broadening the Clientele to allow a range of people the chance to experience the wonderful things Queer people and culture have to offer the community and even wider society.

The dinner/theatre experience indulged in Queer Culture, with a restaurant and bar providing the perfect welcome for a wider clientele to immerse themselves within an unfamiliar cultural environment. Entering the closet, will take you on a journey through the dark history of the LGBTQ+ community, whilst still celebrating along the way. Each space taking you through a timeline based off the large cultural influences for the Queer community, whilst the queerness of design becomes more apparent.

A large central bar as well as three performance spaces, allows the perfect platform to showcase Queer artists and performers.