Bournemouth Pier building transformed into a political platform for the community; Exhibition, bar and debating chamber form several ways to inform new voters better.

The interest of politics in younger generation tends to be higher than it has before, however the engagement is still very low. politics is not taught in schools and can be tricky to understand on your first time, so I created a space that would be somewhere first time voters can go to be properly informed and equipped to make their own decisions to vote

 I will create a space that can help first time voters (as well as the general public) be fully prepared to make a concise political decision that they are happy to support. I will design an exhibition that informs visitors correctly on topical political issues as well as party policies etc. I included a bar area that will be used to create discussion and conversation about these political issues. I also created a debating chamber that includes live debates, guest lectures and local representatives. So I am mainly concentrating on the steps you take before you are to vote. I am looking at the informing, discussions and debates on topical political issues that affect who and what we are voting for.