The brief for this project was to design an installation for an exhibition that is to be held at box 44. The model will be made using an Arduino along with coding and other components to help to create this prototype.

For my installation t I explored the effects mental health disorders have on your health, this explores the physical and mental health risks that happen to someone suffering from a mental illness, such as increase in heart rate or lack of stimulation mentally. I believe people need to observe the change within physical and mental health more often. The suspended objects submerge you into a clinical framework with interactive aspects; The heart, which replicate the heartbeat of someone having a panic attack, help to show the physical effects of mental health issues. I will also use a brain that lights up with LED’s, this helps show mental stimulation.

The heart contains a forces sensitive resistor, which measures the pressure against the model, a DC motor vibrator is used, this is used to cause the vibrations within the heart model.

The brain also includes a force sensitive resistor (FSR) to register the pressure enforced by people testing the model and five LED lights are used to light up the brain when the sensor is touched