I am looking forward to seeing what the industry has to offer as well as what I can offer to it.

I am an ever evolving character and designer; and love to constantly adapt myself to current trends and styles whilst still using influences from the past.

I recently realised that an underline tone to my projects, has in fact been the idea of community and bringing people together.

In the current social and political climate I believe this is what is truly important and should be at the centre of all design; creating the best collective experience for all.

Graduate from Arts University Bournemouth - Interior Architecture & Design

Informing voters and allowing them a platform within their local community

Bournemouth Pier building transformed into a political platform for the community; exhibition, bar and debating chamber form several ways to inform new voters better.

Technical drawings from a range of projects

Construction drawings, Existing Floor plans, Proposed Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, Lighting plans 

A homeless shelter aimed towards at risk and homeless lgbtq+ youth

The lgbtq+ community are more at risk to be homeless or suffer from addiction.

With Bournemouth having a prominent gay scene and high numbers of  homelessness; I felt it was appropriate to design this homeless shelter with rehabilitation facilities 

Immersive experience exploring how we are observed and how this can change someones perception of you

A set of rooms taking you through different forms of observation; whilst exploring the changes of behaviour within them.

Looking at how you observe people and the environments you are observed in.

Reinventing the gay club to show case performers and appeal to a wider clientele, without losing the culture

Exploring Queer Design and Gay Culture. Looking to redesign the typical gay club into more of a cultural centre with performance spaces. This restaurant/showcase experience takes you through iconic subcultures and liberating movements through queer history.

Experimenting with materials and technology helped turn my design into an finalised exhibition 

Installation showing the effects mental and physical health can have on one another. Experimenting with resins and Arduino technology.

As a class we curated an exhibition that helped bring our interactive designs to life.

Sample Boards and Sketches from a range of projects

Different sample boards, sketches and schemes from a variety of projects throughout my degree

Collection of work from University, College, Sixth Form and School

Collages, experiments and work from throughout my education

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